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Thursday, June 03, 2004


Ah, so randomly running around the internet has introduced me to Blog. Well, I question whether this is even a good time to set up something like this, as my life is going to be in hella transition in a couple of months. But then, maybe transition is the most interesting part of life? Who would want to read a blogger filled with the 20 years of my life in Minneapolis? Uncertainty makes for the most interesting reading. Well, I hope you all out there see my life as more than just a story!

For now, I'm a CIR on the JET program. For those of you who don't know what that is, I 'coordinate internationalization in local government' Whatever the hell that means, but what I've done here looks good on my resume, and, of course more importantly, was a lot of fun. I lecture on Famous Americans (which sounds kind of like elementary school, until you realize that you have to learn how to say 'desegregation' in Japanese!not hard if you're speaking a romance language!) Anyway, it's a job that i really enjoyed, and I kind of wish that I had recontracted, but since when do I live a life of regrets?

The title of this blogger, for those that don't know, is just what came to mind when I had to think of a sexy appealing title for my things here. It was a slogan from the Japanese military before world war two during the Meiji Period. 'fu' means rich (it's the same 'fu' in Mt. fuji. 'Koku' mean country. So far we have 'rich country' then 'kyou' means strong. 'hei' means soldier or military. So, altogether, we have rich country, strong military. The Japanese during this period where an imperial country, and a relatively poor country (compared to developed western powers) so that was what all this was about.

Actually, maybe I should change the name. People will probably start thinking I'm some promilitary nut. Maybe I'll change to some quote from Basho or something that reflects more of who I am.

Anyway, I think this will be an interesting place to talk about what I'm seeing in Japan (probably going to be long at first because of a backlog of thoughts)

Like for example, yesterday my friend and are were talking about How awful, at least in rural japan, guys dress in the office. As I'm in the south o Japan (Kyushu more specifically, Miyazaki, more specifically Nobeoka, more specifically general affairs division) Most of them have the Sippowitz action going on with the short sleeved dress shirts with a tie. What I was griping about is it seems that about 80% have their tie flopping down below there belt. I'd take a digital picture to show all of you, but alas I don't have one.


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