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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I've had a slight head cold for the last week or so. I normally just let the virus run its course, but when I was at Seijo Ishii I saw something. Throat drops. They're quite popular here, and unlike American brands, aren't disgusting.

But what drew me into buying these throat drops is the Sudachi flavor that they had.

Japan has a wide range of citrus, of only which a small amount is widely known outside of the country. Two examples I can think of are the Mandarin orange (mikan) and Yuzu.

The sudachi is somewhat smaller than a lime and with a thinner skin. It is grown mostly in Tokushima Prefecture, which is in Shikoku, the eastern of the two main southern islands of Japan (just south of Kobe) It is often added to soft cream, drinks, and other foods.

One of my favourite citrus is the Kabozu. It is similar to the sudachi, but smaller. It is from Oita prefecture, which I lived next to during my time in Kyushu (the southern most island of Japan). I would use kabozu in lots of different things, often simply as a substitute for limes. They are quite sour.


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