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Sunday, October 02, 2005


If you're going to cook, you're going to make a mess. After using organic this and free range that, you want what eventually is going down that drain of your to be nice to the world too right?

The Germans, with the stereotype of always being one step ahead when it comes to this kind of thinking and creating of products, actually might be on this one. A company called Frosch, which means frog in German, has some great stuff for just this purpose. We use something called Neutral Reiniger, which is according to their website, 'ph-neutral cleaner is a natural, very high-yield, and thusenvironment-friendly all-purpose cleaner. Its ph-neutral formula is mild to sensitive skin'

I first stated using this stuff when I met my roommate. We actually use it for dishwashing and laundry, that's how versatile the stuff is. And it smells great.

Baffled at where he was getting this stuff, we eventually ran out, and I had to go get some. It's a place Akasaka actually down the street from the Roppongi interstection. I assumed that it would be this earthy organic store. Much to my suprise it was a very retro 60's looking parlor with nothing for sale. The only reason I was able to find it was because of the big display in the window showing they had Frosch for sale. I stepped into the genkan, and just tried to see if someone was there. Eventaully a not very native sounding speaker of Japanese came down in an equally retro 60's pizzicato 5 ish aura about her came and helped me out. She gave me a huge jug of the stuff. The price was a cut throat 1500 yen ($14), and when I asked why it was so cheap, she just kind of avoided the question saying 'we've got a lot of it'. Next time I'll have to ask why, but hopefully with the amount that I bought, that won't be for awhile.


At 8:57 AM, Blogger mutantin said...

better try the detergent from frosch, they have liquid and powder detergent and softener if you're keen on that.
for general cleaning purposes, i prefer "Orangen Universal Reiniger" to the neutral reiniger. why? because it smells of oranges of course!


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