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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

fast food

Burgerville, a pacific northwest fast food joint, is apparently switching to wind power for 100% of their energy needs. It's been pointed out that they're not buying direct from a wind farm. They're buying tokens from a big utility (still owned by some vestige of Enron) who is buying tokens from the power producer. The claim is that more tokens (basically a higher charge per unit) mean more of the total power will be generated the good ways. Even if all that is true, I still commend them. I realize that making this kind of commitment from a national resturant chaing wouldn't be feasable, but you rarely hear of even local chains even trying to make a commitement like this, so I commend them. Plus they have spicy black bean garden burgers (my favorite) as a part of their regular menu.

There's also a place in Brooklyn, NY called Habana Outpost which is not only the first resturant in the city run entirely on solar, but well, all kinds of other stuff. I seem to remember an ice cream place in Mineapolis, like Sebastian Joe's doing something like this too, but I don't remember exactly.


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