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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

disaster area

After attending SAP's caviar party, all of the attendee's left en masse.

The elevator ride down was odd however. As we passed a person waiting on the eigth floor the earthquake light on the display panel turned on and told us to get out. All of the rider's except me were Japanese, and they all said it was the first time they had experienced it.

Earthquakes don't last long, and so once the elevator started moving again, we headed to the subway to go our respective ways. But the ENTIRE Tokyo area/kanto train (including the subway, all private lines, and all JR lines) were stopped. There was no way for me to get home, so a couple of us headed back to SAP's place while we sipped on iced tea and watched the earthquake reports on TV.

It's the first time I've ever experienced something like that. Especially, at the subway, I think I understood the unnerving feeling, although only a fraction i'm sure, of how people may have felt in London recently. There's an end of the world feeling to it.

No we almost got hit by a typhoon yesterday. Like tornadoes, though, they rarely come into the city.

The great thing about typhoons is the next day. The azure sky is crystal clear and strong winds make the summer heat actually pleasant.


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