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Tuesday, July 12, 2005


It's funny how one can unknowingly project one's life on the rest of the world assuming that either the norm or not the norm for the rest of the world.

For example, Okra. Okra is really popular here. The funny thing is that neither side (those being Americans and Japanese) know that it's also popular in the other country and both assume that it originated in their country. Someone once told me 'Domino's Pizza is a Japanese company, they don't have it in the states, right?'

What led me to think about this was an article in the NYT about 'looping', having a teacher stay with a elementary school class for more than one year. It's been shown to improve test scores etc.

Which made me reflect on my own elementary school experience. My school was divided up into 5 (and then an added sixth) units, all color coded. Each unit had three (and then later some with 4) classrooms. To give an example, I was in Green 1. Green Unit was where all the smart kids were, but I digress. My elementary school was 4-6 grade, but Green 1 was my homeroom for all three years of elementary school. When the older kids graduated, they were replaced with new 4th graders. Basically, my class consisted of kids of all grades. For class periods, such as reading or math, the classes divided up into 4th, 5th, and 6th grades, which makes sense. But for other classes, like music, science, etc, We would go with our homeroom. Recess and lunch were also with our homeroom.

It was such a great idea I think. You make friends with kids of different ages as well as your own. I'm still friends today with a lot of those people as a result of it I think. The funny thing is, everyone else I knew went through it that I never saw it as a particularly interseting or unique experience.


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