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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Book meme

I've been tagged by someone who, because of seeming 'incidents' I can't reference or link to, but hopefully that person will pass through and see that I did fill out the book meme(although I can guarantee this person will be disappointed in my book choices):

Number of Books owned:

Oh, lots, but I've bounced around so much that most of them aren't with me. I did sell a lot of the ones I had at my parents house (gasp!) because they were tired of being my storage managers.

Reading Style:

When reading at home and popping into the fridge ever so often gets claustrophobic, I pop over to the local library and read there. They usually (although japan is an exception) have big confy couches, and so few people actually go there anymore.

Last Book I bought:

Just bought this from Amazon; The Natural Advantage Of Nations: Business Opportunities, Innovation And Governance In The 21st Century. It's written by Amory Lovins, a feel good lovey dovey environmentalists/economist/scientist who talks about 'negawatts'. It's a tad expensive, so I'm doing it COD after pay day on Saturday. Looking forward to reading it.

Last Book I read:

Sophie's world. Being a JET in Japan the housing is passed on to your successor, so many JET's houses are filled with books you might not by yourself. I was taking the train from Toyama to Miyazaki, and needed a couple books to read on the train ride, so plowed through several, the last one being this one. Although it might be a somewhat simplistic book, it was a great suppliment to my philosophy class in college (true to my college's nordic heritage, the class revolved around around Ingmar Bergman's obsession with the death of god). A great chronology of philosophy even if the plot that surrounds it is kind of mediocre and fizzled at the end.

Books I'm reading now:

Holding out for the one I mentioned above. Oh, and Wallpaper*, but that's not a book.

Five books that mean a lot to me:

alright, we'll start from childhood here:

A wrinkle in time: The first in a long series by L'engle, I ended up reading them all (well except for many waters, my fifth grade mind just couldn't get into it). The end made me cry.

The Jungle by upton sinclair: Jurgis' son drowns in the streets of 19th century new york while he suffers from respritory problems from working at a fertilizer manafacturer. Makes you realize that the US was once on par with china in environmental concern and working conditions/workers rights. Ate this up in high school, maybe it's dark theme was an outlet for the very little angst I might have had then.

Confessions of a Mask: I read this book right before I came out, and I felt like it was talking directly to me. The conflicting feelings he was having, etc etc. I actually gave this book to the first person i came out to because I felt like Mishima could say it better than I could. Have yet to read this in the original, but I don't know if I could handle Mishima's writing style.

Natural Capitalism: Kind of the prequel to the book I'm getting from amazon. Filled with pie in the skyish kind of environmentalism that appeals to me.

East of eden: After a classmate of mine I respect got timshel tattoed on the lower part of his back, I checked this out. a joy to read. The film was not.


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