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Monday, June 06, 2005

what a weekend!

going to the thai resturant down the hill from my place friday night turned out to be quite the experience.

When the owner of the resturant gave me my order of broad noodle pad thai, this guy suddenly came in firing really fast and kind of difficult questions to the owners. What I could make of it, This guy was a representative for NHK, and he was looking for non-japanese to participate in a show about 梅雨 or the Japanese rainy season. Then he saw me. So he came over to me, gave me the spiel. Why would I say no?

Anyway, he gave me his card, and called me the next night. We set up a time for them to come over with a camera crew to film me talking, and then that would be it. It'll air sometime in the middle of July, on a saturday morning (hey I wasn't expecting prime time)

Anyway, that all happened, but we ended up being delayed all the time. The cameras had to set up and adjust lighting, we waited about 20 minutes for some guy from the office to bring a plaque that said 'no rainy season in the US'(which we never ended up filming because they weren't able to find it). Still it'll be pretty cool to be on NHK to millions of science loving kids across this little country.


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