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Friday, May 27, 2005

who will be my child's surrogate

Something I never talk about but is squarely in the back of my mind, is that I would like to have my own children someday. This won't be happening soon of course; the other half is still a twinkle in my eye, and graduate school hasn't even started yet, let alone been paid off.

Still, I do think about the logistics quite often, and surrogacy has always been the option I've thought about. The NYT ran this article about it, and I read it with great interest because I know that I will be in that situation sometime later in my life (touch wood).

Now I need to find the ivy league educated athletically and artistically inclined donor egg who also might be willing to bond with these potenital kids. I've always thought it would be fair to have one child from each of us, and, if possible, have them be fraternal twins. For some reason that seems like the best way to do it.


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