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Thursday, May 26, 2005

i h8 loan words

Japanese people love making there own english words in Japanese. I've had the 'luck of working with some of them recently. They are probably the hardest thing to translate. With kanji, the meaning is all right in front of you, but with loan words, you're not sure what they're pointing at. examples:

メーカー: read as it's written, it's 'maker'. For example an 'electronics....maker'? doesn't sound right does it. You're right, because it isn't!

メカトロニクス: read as it's written it's 'mechatronics'. This is also not correct!

ランドリー: read as it's written, it's 'laundry'. But what is the 'laundry industry'? Is that like recent immigrants sweating it out pressing shirts and washing hotel linen? It certainly isn't!

ショ-ケース: read as it's written it's 'showcase'. But what is the 'showcase industry'?

The worst part is, sometimes there is no formal translation of these words, and they leave me to figure out a proper way to say it (well that's kind of a lie, someone in the company will eventually come through for me if the question mark over my head is beaming a little too brightly)


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