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Friday, May 20, 2005

EU Film days 5/19


The Swedish Embassy showed a film from Luxembourg called Globi and the Stolen Shadows.

Globi, known as the Swiss Mickey Mouse, was apparently a character used in advertising for a Swiss department store, Globus. As often happens, he became a recurring character and is now very famous.

The film seemed like an ok rehash, and had a Disney afternoon mid-quality far-fatchedness quality to it (the story consists of untalented brass band member who tries to take revenge on the world by overtaking an opera hall and stealing the shadows of talented musicians....?)

The audience, unlike the simpsons or the family guy etc, was clearly tageted towards children, but there were a lot of references, the shadow of jimi hendrix playing guitar, that little kids wouldn't get and adults wouldn't be interested in. It also was a strange mixture of western animation with little bits of Japanese animation elements thrown in (the credits showed that a lot of the animation producers had japanese names)

A wierd jumble of cultures,and overall kind of unsatisfying. Still, I'm always intersted in being exposed to new and foreign cultures, and I don't regret seeing it.


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