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Friday, May 13, 2005


My college roommate's wife was noticing videos for dogs on her blog. Basically leave the TV on, and your dog can more or less live vicariously through the cute dogs jumping in puddles, eating wood flooring or whatever while you're out running errands.

Japan, on the other hand, is producing a different product. This one is not for the dogs, but for the potential owners of dogs who want so much to have a dog, but there 6 tatami mat apartment and the sticker shock of those cute adorable little tea cup size balls of love prevents them from every having one.

Nintento has recently released nintendogs (awww) for it's new hand held game system. Roughly translating: " You can start a new life by choosing from among 15 breeds of dogs that may interest you. Call them affectionaely, and they will cheerfully come to you. You can have them play with doggie toys, take them on walks, you can even use the microphone and teach them tricks."

This new nintendo comes with a touch pen apaprently, and you can interact with the dog that way too. The clips I've seen in the tsutaya near my place, you can wash them, scratch there bellies, and throw a frisbee to them with the touchpen.

My favorite part is the tatami room setting.There are three different nintendogs packets; a dachsund, a chihuahua, and a akita ken(even Helen Keller had one Now only if you could choose a springer spaniel instead of the worthless itty bitty dog types, I might be sold on it.


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