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Monday, April 04, 2005

Retro Chic

Riding the subway to the Muji Flagship store in Yurakucho yesterday, I saw some kid wearing The Pump tennis shoes, a Jurrasic Park wallet, and about 4 tamagochi's hanging from his neck.

This is odd. Kids are always decked out in the Ultraman/Power Ranger-esque character paraphanalia, especially the shoes, and Tamagochi went the way of the those bronzed snow queens years ago. Even one of my Japanese friends thought it was bizarre, especially with kids who always need to keep up with their schoolmates on the latest gadget. Hmm.

Plus THE PUMP tennis shoes? The ones whose air bladder burst all the time because kids were a little too rough with them (or some mean kid stuck a pin in them and popped them)? In the US this would be salvation army material, but here, one could pay top dollar for this kind of retro americana.


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