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Friday, March 11, 2005

OO 10

Sure there's some screwed up English over here. Lots of us know about Engrish. One thing I've found to be quite strange is the use of Western names in the most bizarre places.  For example Nissan came pretty close to naming a car after me, and so did Subaru. This bike company finally got it right

There's also some screwed up Japanese/Chinese over there. Hanzi matter talks a lot about this. I bought a shirt like this when I was young and studying Japanese. Even after I found out what it meant, I still continued to wear it

Both sides see both languages as having a cool cache, and neither can understand why the other thinks their language is cool even when it's not used 100% correctly.

A lot of times I think they shouldn't even bother translating somethings. When I was visiting someone in Kyoto years ago, we were coming out of an underground bike garage. At the top of the steps was a sign that said 'please be careful on your way home'. There are so many times when simple formalities are just being said that there's often no point in putting them into English.


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