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Thursday, March 10, 2005


I took the sex id test over at the bbc website. Apparently I have a female mind, which I think is bogus. First the test says I have a big vocabulary (meaning I could think of a couple synonymns for grey), which is apparently feminine. Frankly I think the test saw (man that likes men) and dumped me over in the ladies pile. Trying to instill the 'women do the cookin' and men do the fixin'' stereotype in today's world seems rediculous to me.

I'm also growing irritated with the International Herald Tribune. I know that it is pretty much a rehash of other newspapers, mainly the NYT and over here the Asahi Shinbun. But couldn't they use NEW news? I read the times online (which everybody has access to), and then not the next day, but SEVERAL DAYS later, the article pops up in the IHT. Some article about Jane Fonda's comeback even had huge color photos in it that took up half a page, which probably set them back a fair amount of cash. Can't they come out with things more timely?

One thing they can repeat forever, is the Calvin and Hobbes part of the comics. Very few things can make me laugh out loud, and this is one of them. Here's todays conversation:

Calvin: Most people don't know what it's like to be a child prodigy, so that's why . I'm writing my autobiography.
Hobbes: Does your magnanimity know no bounds?

Calvin: Genius has its obligations.

Watch out Mr. Watterson, using that many words must mean you have a feminine mind. Quick! Go tinker with your car to get some man points!


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