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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Miyazaki Luv

You can never really observe your own culture until you've lived in another one, they often say.

And in that vein, I took to reading what lonely planet has to say about the US (press releases are a little slow in coming this week)

Japan has more or less become a culture of my own (I certainly don't need a lonely planet guide anyway), so I dropped by to see what they had to say.

What was most interesting is that Miyazaki made the list, not once, but twice. Now Miyazaki is certainly off the beaten track, and I can think of many reasons to go to Miyazaki (and even Nobeoka), but it would be a waste if you went all the way down there just to go to Seagaia, a white elephant 'beach by the beach' that closes in the winter (?) that is being spiced up by a foreign investment company. It has a golf course of some repute, but the hotel is awful (this 'world class' hotels hallways aren't air conditioned)


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