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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Office observations 2

So as my new neighbor poofed into the department, it became apparent to me that the desk that he took over to me, it having been used for the departmental scanner for sometime, had never been occupied by an actual employee in some time, if ever.

This became even more apparent as, in efforts to clear out the desk the reams of paper that emerged from his desk, all some how related to to overseas PR.

Now sure it was funny and amusing to run across old press releases from 1998, about old company presidents talking about things that aren't important anymore

But as I was removing staples and x-ing out sheets so the department can use the back side in the printers, I came across old job applications for my position. It was just entertaining at first. I actually found someone who applied several years back who lived in my prefecture in a town next to mine.

But then I started getting into the applications of the group that was in competition with me, and part of me wanted to see, and part of me not only felt shouldn't but DIDN'T want to look. I actually did have to look at them (having to x out each and every page, yes our office IS that thorough!). It was kind of creepy to see how the decision was made. Still as I looked at all the applications it was kind ennervating. One applicant, who was actually recommended by my predecessor, had notes on his resume from my boss like 'not JET' and 'Japanese is really not very good', etc. I do remember my boss telling me that he said I had an excellent first interview (my resume was NOT in the stack). I remember him mentioning my competition in passing at that time, but to see all of the resumes 'on file' (not to self about 'on file'-ness!) it was kind of strange (many of them had headshots). And then I promptly x-ed them out, and put them in the reuse box. How metaphoric!


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