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Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Loki, as some of you may know, is a shape changing-norsk god. This would seem to be a fitting name for the jacket that I just bought.In a pinch for the recently blogged snowboarding trip, i was in need of a outdoorsy jacket. Still blubbering over the loss of my beautiful arc' teryx theta ar, I was worried I would have to buy a baggy, unfuctional snowboard fashion jacket that would put me out several hundred dollars. Fortunately after perusing I found the loki jacket section. At first the metamorphic sleeve turn glovemit just seemed like a one trick pony. The novelty soon wore off when I realized how warm my hands could be; with your hands directly connected to the heat of the rest of your body, your hands really don't get cold. On the slope the next day, even though the temps hovered around a balmy 0 degrees C, not once were my hands cold despite sopping wet gloves; my body heat kept them warm. The other great thing is the wind protection you can have with the popout wind guard for your mouth and nose. There's even an iPod holding inner pocket My only complaint, and I think it is a major one, is that the model I bought was not waterproof, so it did get rather wet. It may not be the beautiful arc'teryx theta, but it certainly takes after its namesake in its advantageous shape changing abilities


At 7:09 AM, Blogger McBrideFarm said...

I am jealous of your winter outdoor adventuring. A typical week of weather in NE this winter has been (in degrees F): 32, 32.5, 50, 10, -20, 0, 0. And, of course, any precipiation--mostly freezing rain--experienced is first thawed to a flowing river, and then frozen instantaneously to a sheet of ice...so disappointing...


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