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Friday, January 14, 2005

Top Mpls companies

According to the latest issue of Fortune magazine, a handful of Mpls based companies made it into there Top 100 companies. at 15 is General Mills, which apparently gives employees 100% tuition reimbursements. Next was Medtronic at 20, which gives employees a quarter of their working day to devote to gaining skills outside of their own. And lastly not really a company, and not really in Minneapolis, the Rochester, MN based Mayo Clinic (were King Husssein went for sugery, along with many other folks including my grandmother. )

Also in their rating was Starbucks (booh!) at number 2, which apparently gives same sex couples comprehensive health coverage from hernias to homeopathy. Thankly, it's all balanced out by Whole Foods, which has salary caps on limiting compensation to 14 times average total of company full time employees. Wish I would have invested in these guys years ago. oh well.


At 6:03 AM, Blogger Michael said...

You shouldn't poo-poo Starbucks so much on this count...yes, the coffee is crap, and they are damaging the small, independent cafe market, but they really do take very good care of their employees, and are more environmentally responsible than any other major corp (especially in the food industry) I can think of.

They did almost all of that in response to customers' and popular pressure: if we don't give them credit what's to encourage others to follow suit?

At 10:25 PM, Blogger Travis said...

sorry, I was just expressing general starbucks malaise. It is the only good coffee shop over here. I think it's great what if they treat there employees that way.

I realize that my blogs are often misinterpreted. Perhaps i should crank up my attention span so that other people can see my subject shits coming.


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