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Thursday, February 03, 2005


So I've been out of comission for the last few days because of a horrible bout of either stomach flu or food poisoning (I ate some half grilled yakitorii last friday with my coworker)

Now it's been ages since I've had stomach problems. Childhood I believe.

And as a child, whenever I had stomach problems I was always put on the BRAT diet:

Ricecakes (the American kind, mind you)

I briefly forgot about the BRAT diet, and thought I could drink some orange juice, which the same coworker who ate the raw yakitori with me graciously bought and brought to my apartment, to pep myself up. After my body 'rejected' that, to put it lightly, the BRAT diet came back to me. It seems so obvious. My doctor who overprescribed worthless medicene simply said 'eat things that won't upset your stomach, like soup'. How vague. BRAT lays it all out there for you. You can't mess it up


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