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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Lazy Saturday

Hey everybody, learn about me. Via articulatory loop

A - Accent: zero, Minneapolitans are the pinnacle of perfect standard American English
B - Breast Size: pecc-y guys with dark features.
C - Chore You Hate: re-anything.
D - Dad's Name: Christopher
E - Essential Make-Up Item: Aveda
F - Favorite Perfume: Whatever my roommate wears.
G - Gold or Silver: don't forget red!
H - Hometown: Mpls
I - Insomnia: nope
J - Job Title: International PR
K - Kids: someday I hope!
L - Living Arrangements: living in swanky Akasaka with my homeopath roommate.
M - Mum's Birthplace: Chicago,Ill
N - Number of Apples: mmmmm, apples
O - Overnight Hospital Stays: one, don't want to talk about it
P - Phobia: uninteresting people, debt
R - Religious Affiliation: unfortunately not jewish
S - Siblings: Older Brother, Spencer 29
T - Time You Wake Up: 7:30
U - Unnatural Hair Colours You've Worn:My grandma brags about how my hair gets redder in the summer....
V - Vegetable You Refuse To Eat: rakkyo
W - Worst Habit: blogging
X - X-Rays: Twice, broken metatarsel and potential broken rib from snowboarding
Y - Yummy Foods You Make: epicuriosities www.epicurious.com
Z - Zodiac Sign: pisces


At 12:56 AM, Blogger Tengosurf said...

A - Adrian, Andjre, Andy, nickname people gaved me...even Edwin :-(
B - bboy breakdance spirit, never end...
C - chaotisches Leben alle Anfang...
D - dynamique toujours dans la vie, moi! sport, le travail...
E - Essen und Hamburg sind die Deutsche so dick...haha, nein!
F - Frankz Joseph, kennet jemand ihn? Kaiser der Osterreich!
G - Gyoza avec Ginger, pas mal!
H - Homeless! Bin ich nie mal es erlebt...
I - Interlaken Ski camp teilgenommen!! 2 incroyables jolies lacs...
J - Je suis assosiative et responsable
K - Kunsthandwerk im Musee de L'ouvre schon verloren / perdu
L - Loman Yee, der Ausfinder des Kampfsport Wing Chung
M - Magnestische U-bahn in Shanhai neu mit 400km gebaut
N - Nachtsleben ohne schlafen im Ferien
O - Open book exam for Networking design...
P - Paprika mag ich gar nicht....
R - Radical die Nummer 383401
S - Stockholm, wo ich schone Zeit vergebracht habe
T - Thausentnacht ohne Endung
U - U board for skateboard...
V - vacance reste sans terminer
W - Wurst mit sourcen...
X - xxxx xxxx please type your 8 pin number
Y - Yankees in New York....
Z - Zwiling, mein lieblings Messer


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