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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Work Observations 3

I think I've come to the realization that my department is stiff and cold(かたい and 冷たい for those in the know).

For example. My whole department always adresses emails to me with 殿. 殿(tono) actually means 'lord', as in a lord of a manner. Now as you can imagine, this is not a frequently used word. The first time I ever saw it being used was when I came back from the pharmacy, and the bag had my name and 殿 written after it.

When I started working here, it seemed so strange that my department used it. Working in city hall, I never saw it being used. 様 was about as far as anybody went.

I work with these people everyday, why do they have to be so formal?

What I've started noticing is that it seems we never use 殿 with people outside of our department. Now that makes no sense to me. I was tacking 殿 onto everything, and I just never saw other people using it.

The attractive guy in the ad department, conversely uses 君 with me all the time. My supervisor was like 'guess he knows whose in charge!', but from the usage I've seen of 君 (guys who are equals and good friends) It felt friendly to me.

I'm beginning to think that perhaps 殿 has somewhat of a 'comrade' meaning to it.


At 2:36 AM, Blogger Tengosurf said...

Tono is kind of too much for the formal using I think. The society
has changed a lot and the empire is not in the 21 century anymore and the word Tono seems doesn't exise in company, association, hospital at all.
The Tono was lord but he had his solders and his palace in the time period, but using such a word in contemporarily give us just missunderstanding and wrong signification...
Maybe if you wear your crown then will be appropriate...

At 10:14 PM, Blogger SomewhatAtlanticPacific said...

Haha! I'm going to call you Travis-dono from now on. . .Hope you are well T.!

At 5:41 PM, Blogger Travis said...

Hope both of you are having fun in Taiwan!


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