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Thursday, February 24, 2005

You don't have a Mitsubishi phone?

Alright this is my 7th office observation, but I'm not going to continue the titled theme for this one because of the obvious abbreviation cliche.

One thing about working for an electronics maker is that, in order to promote themselves, their headquarters will necessarily be a showcase of there technologies in practice. Let me give you a rundown:

I walk into the office building greeted by the rent-a-cop who guards are building (even before 9/11 we had this apaprently, some freak disgruntled employee went ape-poo apparently) And we are illuminated by the penetratingly bright Mitsubishi Electric florescent lights. Since my office is only on the second floor, I take the stairs to my office. Most employees, though, use the 7 or 8 Mitsubishi Electric elevators that take them to their offices (the elevators for some reason make different tones when they are doing different actions (a certain tone when it is approching the floor going up as opposed to down, etc.) so the hallway around the elevator can often times be this abberant minimalist orchestra. I've seriously thought about recording it) As I walk into the PR department (also Mitsubishi lighting) NHK is on mute on a ME flat screen television. I sit down to my desk on turn on my computer that has a mitsubishi monitor when suddenly there's a call from our agency on my Mitsubishi phone. Some sensitive documents need to be thrown away, so, passing by the other Mitsubishi CRT television with a Mitsubishi VCR and DVD underneath it, I go over to the Mitsubishi 'Ms Shredder' to get rid of the documents. Now that my hands are all dirty, I go to the bathroom to wash my hands and dry them with the, yep you guessed it, Mitsubishi ecological air hand dryer. It runs on Mitsubishi Batteries.

The office is somewhat of a museum of the different markets that the company have attempted and moved in and out of (the 'Ms. Shredder' looks like it was made before i was born)


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