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Tuesday, March 01, 2005


One of the misunderstandings I think a lot of people I know (like my American friends who never actually say it, but think I sold my soul to work at a fortune 500 company) is that a company like mine pretty much ravages the planet, abuses employees and poor people around the world, and in general is a symbol of the enemy.

I guess in some ways this is true. Apparently someone who worked in my position a few years ago, stomped out the door never to come back after the bucho of our department kept calling him 毛唐 (ketoh). For those that don't know, this was a pejorative term for europeans and americans from the edo period but was also used during the war. Somewhat like the term 'jap' but much much worse. That bucho isn't here anymore, but I would probably also go postal (or leave anyway) if my supervisor was like 'ya finish that press release yet, whitey?'

But all that aside, my company does indeed do some very positive things. Speaking only of products, most of the power semiconductors that power the hybrid engine of the Toyota Prius are almost all made by Mitsubishi Electric. We also are a global leader in solar panel production. We have also recently created a process that eliminates VOC's, which aids in the reduction of green house gasses.


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