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Monday, March 14, 2005


I made the mistake of going to Akihabara this weekend (to see if there are macs for sale cheaper than at the mac store in ginza). On the way, I decided to pick something cheap for lunch.

The strange thing about this country is that genres of food I never eat in America are palatable here. American fast food is anathema to me (mostly because there's nothing I can eat there except french fries). Japan has a plethora of good fast food options, if that's your thing, and it isn't even grossly unhealthy (although it will cut into your budget a little bit).

Mos Burger
: The high end fast food joint. I was once told that Mos was supposed to a translation of the word 'moth'. They have great things like rice burgers. Last year they had a special that was, for fast food, amazing. It was a grilled katsu fish burger that was topped with a tomato sauce and bamboo shoots (takenoko). They often have very japanese flavored, fun seasonal specials like this. At around $9 dollars for the set (which includes a small fries and iced tea) and waiting for about 15 minutes, it kind of verges on being NOT fast food.

First Kitchen: First kitchen is good. they have lots of interesting choices for a fast food resturant. pasta, pizza, and as well as other 'burger' fare. My favorite is the fried shimp burger (ebikatsu). They also have great flavored fries (teriyaki, onion gratin, tomato chili, etc) and a wide variety of sauces that are more than just boring ketchup and mustard.

Lotteria: Originally a Korean company I believe (based on the Lotte group), they also have similar things to First Kitchen. One great thing I had there was a burdock root salad burger. so good.

Finally reached Akihabara, and forgot what a zoo of foreigner tourists and otaku it is. So many non-native speakers of English all trying to speak English and too much anime soft porn and people pushing used video games.The only thing mac I could find was ipods, and I've got one of those. Looks like it's Ginza for me.


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