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Monday, May 09, 2005


I spent the last half of my Golden Week in Taiwan. Here's a rundown.

Good Things about Taiwan:
1) Yushan National Park
2)Taipei's enviable, MRT subway system
3)Taroko Gorge formed from limestone that changed to Marble, causing sheer cliffs with beautiful streams and scenery

4) Food and the vendors that sell it. Apparently in Hong Kong as well, they have a vendor where you pick all the fresh vegetables, many varieties of tofu, other nasty meat stuff (intestine, animal feet), and even rice noodles, put it in a basket, and they cook it up for you.

5) Fresh and incredibly cheap fruit.

6) Easy to understand written language if you know Japanese

Bad Things about Taiwan:

1) Taipei

2)Dogs that sit on the road, unperturbed by moving cars (yours) that run AT (not after you)

3) Hitchhiking Falun Gong priests that proselytize a wealthy Taiwan that buys more long distance weapons from the US

4)Long distance trains and their vestibule doors that don't close.

5) fake pearl milk tea ('bubble tea', for you Americans)

Interesting Things about Taiwan:

1) Aborigines

2) Ikea


4)Different uses of Kanji


At 10:27 PM, Blogger SomewhatAtlanticPacific said...

How can you hate bubble tea?

At 11:57 AM, Blogger Travis said...

no no! It was *fake* pearl milk tea; it wasn't tapioca. more like cut up cubes of konyaku jeri.


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