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Monday, May 16, 2005

EU film days

During my stint in D.C. I was a poor college student.Much to my suprise, I found that the National Gallery had monthly film festivals (film noir, iranian film, Japanese new wave) every month on the weekends. I saw so many interesting and also good films during that time.

Ever since then I've always kind of missed taking the Metro to smithsonian station grabbing some wonderful albeit gringoized tapas at Jaleo and spending the afternoon with some great films.

Finally I have found a great alternative. The Swedish, German, and French Embassies in Tokyo are hosting EU film days, a month long event were they will be showing films from Europe at differnt embassies around Tokyo (look at them link to find the PDF with more details) It's all free too.

Now if I could just find some good, not overly priced Tapas in Tokyo.


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