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Monday, May 23, 2005

EU Film Days 5/22: The Wolf Teeth Necklace


A film directed by Algimantas Puipa from Lithuania's premier studio, Lithuanian Film Studios, this is a film about a boy whose father is sent to Siberia. Upon the father's return he gives his son a necklace made of wolf tooth.

And that's about all I could get from this film (and that's with the help of the blurb about the film in the pamphlet) Obviously, I am open minded about film. I thorougly enjoy attending these kind of film festivals. Maybe I was in a bad mood or lacking in attention span that day, but I wonder how this bizzare piece of garbage made it to the festival. This is less a film than just a bizzare bunch of images running across the screen. A frumby haired little boy protecting his mother from being sexually assaulted by the soviet landlord, then the same little boy getting it on in an abandoned bus with a woman 10 of 15 years older in appaerance, tangoing stalinists. The closing scene consists of dancing stalinists going through a verdant country side with random things of fire (a tree, a sewing bench someone is working on, a cyclist, a house; the credits showed not one, but two pyrotechnicians hired for this scene alone). Someone started snoring about 40 minutes into it, and I kept looking at my watching begging for it to be over. In contrast to orbis pictus the low of this film festival


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