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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

abadoned Japanese buildings

I know I've got some strange and boring interests. I really like silence. If you have ever seen abre los ojos, the opening scene when he's walking down an empty street in Madrid, and also the final scene when he's considering jumping from the building, are both so beautiful to me.

I guess you that might explain why i like these abandoned houses
abandoned building

Kore Eda's film Afterlife takes place in a building that looks like this, and I think one of the things that attracted me most to that film was the location and silence of the film.


This one is great, and to really get a scale for just how big Gulliver is in the picture, you really should go to the website and the collection of photos the photographer took. Gulliver is just one part of a pretty large european themed-park that tanked with the turn of the economy.

Images of Mt. Fuji have been a theme in Japanese art for centuries, and I really find the possible depth of meaning with fuji in the back of this picture. Westernization, decay, etc. etc. really interesting.


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