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Thursday, June 02, 2005

my new suit

I finally bought a suit yesterday! I had pieced one together at H&M a few years back (all under $100 mind you, and I wasn't looking shabby at all) but lost the jacket in transit somewhere.

I picked up a glossy black pinshtripe number. I look fan tas tic... in that hustler/gangster kind of way.

I picked it up at Zara in Harajuku. JETRO published this document about Zara and its success in Japan. Zara succeeds with no advertising (a novelty in the fashion industry apparently) and with low volume and high circulation (much like H&M) It is the 'more fashionable gap' and is certainly faux high fashion, but is certainly not disposable clothing of H&M (highly debatable; my H&M stuff has lasted physically and fashionably (but what do I know about fashion anyway) for many years)

I realize that Zara tailors fashion to each country, but I actually don't like most of what's on sale there (a lot of goth kind of stuff and seemingly trashy (trendy?) looking for the price clothing) Still I am able to find good things there periodically, and there clothing fits me (unlike most of the literally short shirted, narrow shouldered dress shirts you find everywhere else) and its cheaper than most of the department store crap here.


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