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Wednesday, June 08, 2005


The NYT is running this article about women upset about people being upset seeing them feed their baby in public

Now, if I was a woman, which I'm not, I would do ANYTHING I could NOT to be seen feeding my baby in public. I don't even like being in my own house with no shirt on. One woman poses the question after someone was made uncomfortable seeing her feed her baby on an airplane 'it's not like he's on solids yet, he has to eat. What else could I do?' If you really didn't want to be seen breastfeeding, you wouldn't be; you would have prepared it in a bottle ahead of time, knowing that the baby would need to eat sometime just before the flight. Or you would have gone into an aisle in the back (it doesn't have to be a bathroom).

This seems like such a non-japanese problem. I can't see a Japanese mother breastfeeding in public. the article mentions that the US is a 'mechanical culture and that anything not coming out of a can is seen as suspect', which would be even more true here. It's probably also true that breasts are seen only sexually here, what with rampant manga and public porn displaying breasts everywhere here, rather than as something artistic or biological.


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