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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

biznes japanese

I've realized, through talking to my friends, etc., that people in my office do have some unique expressions that they themselves have never used.

そもそも: this shows up a lot. it's more or less a formal way of saying まさか or 'In the first place'そもそも修正を頼んだのか 'I don't seem to remember even asking for this to be proofread' It sounds angry like まさか too.

若干: for the longest time I thought this was 弱感, but the meaning is the same and also similar to 多少

One person in my department really likes sounding pretentious, and one of his favorite phrases is 幸いでございます。Which is more or less like 'we would be more than pleased'
This is often written in formal business letters, but he is the first person I've ever heard actually use it.


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