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Monday, June 06, 2005

last train

taking the train back on saturday night, it's true that there are a thousand narratives in each train car.

To my right are three japanese looking people. I figure they're Japanese until they start speaking perfect english with the english mannerisms. Then they switch to perfect Japanese again. It's really unclear what relation these people have to each other. Suddenly one calls down the subway car to an older man holding one child and another one knocked out sleeping against him. He doesn't speak any English. as we pull into the next station one of the three leaves with the man and children. I assumed they were married, and the couple left were married too. They continued to bounce between flawless english and japanese.

After being enthralled with these people, I look to the left of the car. A man scratches his face, like people do when they're tired. But he doesn't stop, he keeps scratching his face until he starts bleeding. Then he starts scratching his head too, and then back to his face continuosly. I've heard that people that itch and can't stop moving (their feet, etc) are often heroin addicts, but that is incredibly rare in Japan.



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