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Thursday, June 30, 2005


You know I think I'm pretty arrogant. I can say things that put people off, etc.

But wow, this guy takes the cake. Pretends to be a pro tennis player (at age 19) tries to create credit card accounts in his father's name to pay his girlfriend who he's hired as his personal secretary, when his mom tells the bank about it and vocals distress over her son's behavior, the son offs both his parents with a hammer leaving them to rot in their house for several weeks while he takes his girlfriend to the US first class to expensive New York Hotels, etc.

He was a straight A student, and it seems there were dreams he would become a surgeon. It looks like he threw a lot away.

But maybe he didn't want all of that, and actually wanted to be a tennis player. Maybe his parents were making him become a surgeon when he didn't really want to be, thus they whole tennis fantasy, and all right before going into college.

The coverage there was of this didn't delve into this kind of thinking at all, and I kind of wonder why...


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