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Thursday, July 21, 2005


Target sure has gotten a lot of press for being 'design for the masses' lately. And it's difficult for me to change my childhood perception of the place (which is based in my hometown...actually is based in the SUBURBS of my hometown). At that time, it was just a big cheap place where my mom bought us jams (remember those?) and mediocre stationary products for school ( I always preferred the now defunct St. Paul Book and Stationary) in the mid '80's. It had a McGlynn bakery that had overly sweet cakes and cookies with red frosting that tasted like chemicals. When the edgy stylish ad campaigns started a few years back, I was wondering what target was trying to acheive. I haven't been to the new ikea-ized target yet, so it's really not my place to make any criticism. But I do feel the old fuddy duddy who refuses to think that a place like target can change to being a kitsch fashion house. Next time I'm shopping in the suburbs at big box retail(which will be too soon if it ever happens) I'll have to check it out. In the meantime, Muji is far superior, and if I had to go to big box, I'd just go to Ikea. Ikea and Target are really similar in my mind, with the latter simply giving european sounding names to things with diacritic marks.


At 3:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had to laugh! I'm taking a "next blog" button tour and stumbled upon you. You bear the unmistakable marks of a Minnesotan, though your locale lists Japan.

I, too, remember St. Paul Books & Stationary and I grew up 4 miles from the second Target in the state. Whenever I mention Target in one of my posts, I get comments from other readers who wish they had a Target near them.

Oh, and I remember when the bakery was there; seemed I couldn't leave the store without a m&m cookie.

Thanks for the bout of nistalgia; I enjoyed it!

At 10:02 PM, Blogger McBrideFarm said...

I remember SPB&S too--specifically some event they had before Christmas every year where kids could come in and shop for gifts for their parents. I remember buying my mom a little blank notebook. Woo! Merry Christmas!

I must say that living in a place where it's either Walmart or Kmart has made me appreciate the more local, less trashy feel that Target had. :)


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