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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

sierra club SUPPORTS something?

Mike noticed this article in wired magazine about Ford's new mariner hybrid SUV and how the Sierra Club is supporting it.

Unfortunately, from the title of the article, it seems that the Sierra Club is a total sell out organization that is in favor gas guzzling cars.

I strongly support what Sierra Club is doing. When I interned in DC, I realized that so many of these groups sit on the sidelines with there ecobullets and negativity firing away at the evils of mega corporations and how the will bring about the undoing of the natural world. Very rarely do they propose any logical solutions, but push pie in the sky worlds were floating cars run on air, etc. etc. Okay, that's a little harsh, but my point is that companies need to be praised when they take steps in the right direction. Ford may be evil and I completely agree that they do few things right, but to look the other way with your arms folded when a company tries to somethings right is equally awful and reprehensible.

Suburban soccer moms and wiley hunter types like my father aren't going to give up there love of the SUV (which is the core of the problem I suppose). I praise Ford and the Sierra Club for trying to improve the situation with a hybrid SUV. Meanwhile, I'll just keep taking the subway to work.

I remember talking to my dad when I was little about fuel injection and why it was written on the body of a lot of older (at the time) cars. He told me that fuel injection was once an innovative technology meant to reduce pollutants and improve (reduce) fuel consumption, and displaying it on the outside of the car had meaning then. He said that almost all cars now already have fuel injection, and it's not innovative anymore, so flashing it on the outside doesn't have any consumer value anymore (I'm paraphrasing here). I hope someday that hybrid is as ubiquitous as fuel injection has become.


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