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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

office observations 8/3

The oldest OL that worked in our department disappeared for 'heart problems', but I have a feeling it's for other reasons. She was very flirtatious with this other guy in the department and I always used to see them in the subway coming to the office together (hmmm)

She either looked drugged or unhappy most of the time, and i think I only saw her smile once or twice. I think she was feeling the OL shelf life. Get married and out by 30, or else you're a loser.

We've got a new young girl who came all the way from Kagoshima, strangely. She doesn't have an accent at all though, which I found strange. Hopefully she'll be less frigid than the older OL's who just say 'I don't know' if I ask them anything and give me this irritated look.


At 10:26 PM, Blogger Michael said...

We need an OL here. The interns make crappy tea.

At 11:16 PM, Blogger Travis said...

haha apropos for japan, we have a machine that makes the tea for us from a powder (I stick with just the cold water from the machine;closest thing we have to a 'water cooler'). All they do is push a button. That or they simply make a phone call to people downstairs to make it.

Besides, American women would start snapping their yap about 'glass ceiling' this and 'pay disparity' that. I suppose if you could import a 20=something japanese lady you'd be set!


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