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Friday, December 02, 2005

tokyo building

After 30 years at the Mitsubishi Electric Building, Mitsubishi Electric has moved to...the Tokyo Building! Confused?

Even more confusing is the that there is a NEW Tokyo Building. The New Tokyo Building is about 25 years old than Tokyo Building. We had a bounenkai there last night. Strangely it is next to the Yaesu Building. The Yaesu building is on the Marunouchi side of Tokyo station.

You can tell from the picture the new office is quite shexy. My department is perched above the tracks going in and out of Tokyo station. The hypnotic dance of the yamanote line train and the shinkansen is a pleasure to watch.

On the down side, the new office is further away from my subway stop, and I now have to go through a few traffic lights to get to the office. We're on the 6th floor now, when we were on the second floor, and with security gates, etc, getting in and out is a pain. I know, boo frickin hoo.

On the upside we have a great food court in the basement. We have the second tokyo location of tsurutontan, the great udon place I mentioned recently
. There's also a kuruma, a miyazaki yakitori resturant I mentioned awhile back in the gaado no shita area in yurakucho


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