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Thursday, June 03, 2004

cheese in Japan

You know many people talk about the lack of this here, and I was pleasantly suprised at how much there is here. I worked at Broder's in Minneapolis (which had a pleasant variety of cheeses) and also at a Cheese store in Cambridge, MA for a very short amount of time, and have, well amassed will sound grandiliquent, but so it goes, a fair amount of knowledge of it.

While being down here, I've been able to find mostly anything: reggiano, grueyere, fresh mozzerella. I even brought my own chevre with me from San Francisco on my way here last year, but found at the grocery store here. More than a pleasant suprise. Although did not find the white cheddar or goat gouda that I had brought with me.

One thing that I've found to be quite tasty is adding gorgonzola and black bean natto to my pasta. It tastes great. Natto can be slimy, but black blean natto is much less so. The gorgonzola canceles all that out too, and makes one killer pasta.

I introduced the Chevre they sell here in my city at a cooking class I had in March. Just intoning the word 'goat' to these people makes them think that it will be the most disgusting thing in the world, which is unfortunate. But as they made there sandwiches, they all raved about it. One of my participants took the menu home, invited some friends over and made goat cheese sandwiches! great story.


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