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Tuesday, October 19, 2004


you know, I was reading this article about how Mc Donalds was able to bring there profits back up after two years of decline (yeaaay as I roll my eyes) by bringing salads onto the menus. Nothings really changed on the menu. The quality of the food isn't any different, people aren't eating any better. It's just now, when mom comes into by a happy meal for her kid, she now buys a salad in addition to her just coffee.

Now this all leads me to think, is the petroleum industry like this? For example BP Solar is obviously associated with..BP, an evil-y necessary petroleum company. Now in order to pretty up there image they start offering renewable energy blah blah blah (BP, in fact is one of the top PV panel sellers in the world right now). Renewables are the salad to increase sales.Granted it's not a perfect All these petroleum company's talk about joining the 'energy' business. Maybe it's all a McRuse...


At 7:38 AM, Blogger darcey said...

Yes - read the same thing - what they didn't say is that the salads are loaded in sugar and fat - (dressing and preserves)


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