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Wednesday, October 13, 2004


McDonalds, at least in the UK is eliminating the golden arches in hopes of renewing profits after a 30 year slump. Now, this perked my interest, and made me have a look see at Mc Donalds on the British homepage. Now we all have heard that there is a vegetarian menu at the Mc Donalds in India, but after looking at it, I was surprised at how good it looks. Comparing the crap that is pretty much synonymous with the American Mc Donalds in Britain, If these western McDonalds are really serious about making there menu healthier, they would be well advised to take a nod from their Indian counterparts. They have a separate kitchen and workers (they wear green aprons) to distinguish between the other menu.

I know I would start having an appreciation for Mc Donalds. The Mc Aloo Tiki isn't anything to look at, but what it's made of sounds great. It's almost like a big falafel. I shouldn't write around lunch time. *grumble*


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