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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Settled in Tokyo

Well I've been out of it for awhile, but I'm back to writing hopefully now. I found a job at Mitsubishi Electric, which is going well so far. I am basically in charge of translating documents and articles, and then producing them in AP format for international press releases. Pretty cool work, pretty sweet pay, and I'm not in the Inaka anymore! Great part is, is I get to read the various papers and several periodicals everyday as part of my job. Schweet.

Like how last Friday I was reading Business week. There was an article on this one page about a new product that Mitsubishi electric was making (an Magink monitor, actually pretty cool) and a picture on the page seemed an awful lot like what is the roof of our office. And it was, and someone who is kuwashii in our PR department took us up to the roof, and showed us the huge display that was up there. Now, what it was on the roof and not somewhere more logical, I don't really understand (perhaps to see it in natural light?)

I guess I have a press conference with a French Person from the Le Monde (is that repetitive?), sometime next week. That should be interesting.

And totally unrelated, I was at Tenya today, a tempura chain in Tokyo that I used to go to quite often, and the napkins that they had stocked were made from Kenaf. Now, I 've seen kenaf stuff in Japan before, but never in the states. Where is it all?



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