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Saturday, December 31, 2005


so I haven't blogged in awhile. thought I would drop a list of what I've been up to in recent weeks.

went to a Olafur Eliassson exhibit at the Hara Museum near Shinagawa
a beautiful exhibition that is totally devoid of any kind of understanding of art, and can be enjoyed simply for its beauty. Eilisson was responsible for making a 'sun' in the Tate Modern in London, and his studies of light in this work, along with the atmosphere of the musum, made a wonderfully surreal environment.

bought a tube of yuzu kosho
I really love the ingredients avaliable in japan (although I too often disagree with the way they are used), and yuzukosho is certainly an ingredient I love. they often serve it with grilled foods, which you then spread a little (it's pretty spicy) and eat. great stuff.

I also took a little walk around Ginza yesterday( I was going to the Softmap to have the AC adaptor for my computer fixed; but had decided to bring it to the proper mac store). In this area there is a store run by the Okinawa prefectural government to promote Okinawan products. And what a plethora there are! Not just the average goya-related stuff, but shikwasa, beni-imo, taco rice, Okinawa soba, and seriously so much more. I even found some green papaya kimchee, which I am definately going to go back and buy. The basement has an area devoted non food products like alcohol (awamori, etc.) and okinawan insturments, not to mention a travel agency.

I also bumped into a gelato resturant on my way to the mac store that had not one, but two differnt salt-flavored gelatos. I sampled them both, and they were suprisingly excellent.

While I was at Sofmap, I went upstairs to the Mujirushi Flagship store for the obligatory look around. I love walking through their food section. Muji can do everything they do quite well (except for their clothing which is almost always terrible) , and there food is no exception. Black soybean foods are quite popular right now, and I picked up some black soybean tea (100 yen!) and a black soybean rice cracker (which are my absolute favorite rice cracker)


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