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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Tokyo Positive

The Tokyo subway, since it became privatized a year or two ago, has been doing a really good job with a branding campaign. In the stations, With the slogan 'Tokyo Positive'. They've hired on the very attractive Yu Yamada to be the feature. I can't think of any better way to increase ridership (?, if that's the goal of the campaign). As I don't watch television, I wasn't aware that they were also making a televised ad version, and it really is great.

I also like the slogan, Tokyo Positive. So many people, Japanese and non-Japanese, just put up with it here, don't actually like it, and want to go live in a different country, most likely English-speaking. And this ad campaing tries to see value in what Tokyo has and what makes living in Tokyo a good thing. Take the subway to see fireworks. Take the subway go to onsen. Take the subway to meet your boyfreind in Omotesando to give him a Christmas present.


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