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Monday, February 20, 2006

bread experiments

When I bought yeast to make my calzones a few weeks ago, I had to buy a huge box of yeast. It was the only size avaliable.

I had intended to use this tasty looking red onion and olive bread recipe for my stromboli crust.

As I hate white bread, and whole wheat flour is hard to come by hear, I decided to experiment.

My roommate very frequently buys expensive health foods, uses it once, and then just lets it go to waste I could devote a whole entry to this, maybe I will later). A prime example of this is the mugi kagashi (I think it's the removed part of the flour in order to make white flour, couldn't find an english translation for it) at Natural House. This seemed like a perfect way of getting a whole wheat flour, more or less.

Unfortunately I used like flour, replacing half of the required flour with the mugi kogashi. It barely rose, and when I baked it, the ball of stuff just got hot, and didn't rise at all. It wasn't horrible, but it certainly wasn't bread.

Well to remedy that, I tried again, this time putting a lot less mugi kogashi in the dough, but still a fair amount (I ran out of flour) I decided to use up the rest of some blue cheese I had bought before. The end result wasn't bad, but you couldn't taste the blue cheese at all.

Determined to see if this recipe was good or not, I did a full flour recipe, with a tablespoon or so of mugi kogashi. My roommate's parents had sent a bunch of exotic, high quality umeboshi, and we broke them up and sprinkle them throughout the dough. I also had some left over black sesame seeds, so I ground them in our mortar and pistle, and put them in the dough

The result was quite good.I think putting the sesame seeds in the dough originally, and not after letting it rise, would have allowed to be more evenly distributed. The ume as well possibly. It's just really hard to work it into the dough after it has already begun rising. More ume next time. We only put in one, I think maybe 4 or so would be good.

In a recent carepackage of in my opinion too many from my roommate's parents, included a huge box of black zinger. It is essentially roasted brown rice that has been powderized. It is similar to coffee, but less pungent and without the caffiene. It is amazing on ice cream and in yogurt. Also avaliable at Natural House, although very expensive. I must find out if this is avaliable outside of Japan.


At 7:38 PM, Blogger inlandchi said...

You can get whole wheat flour(albeit finely ground) from Indojin.com. They deliver c.o.d in only a few days. Tengu natural foods(Alishan) also has it, I think. They're online too.


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