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Friday, March 17, 2006

the bucho and taiyou

well it's haruichiban today, whew! (couldn't find a very good hyperlink for it, so just look it up if you're interested). usually I feel bad when I do private things at work (pay my taxes, fill out summer school application forms, walking to the central post office next door to mail said items, working on this blog).

Today, out of the blue, bucho waved me over. I don't like being waved over by bucho. He's the nicest guy, and if we talked all the time/had something to talk about I wouldn't mind. But usually out of the blue waving overs aren't good news.

But this time, it was neutral, and suprising in fact. Bucho was closing his bank account in London, and wanted me to check the English on some of the forms he was filing.

I was shocked to see someone so 'off task', and even more so to see that it was our role model, our pillar of the responsible employee, not only using there department white devil good to native check some documents, but going to the bank and dealing with it on company time.

Anyway, I don't feel quite so bad anymore.

I also saw an article in the paper the other day about the solar market tripling by 2008. The largest makers are the Japanese, and the largerst market is Europe, especially Germany. Since bush made a verbal commitment in his state of the union address, something about the US (esentially california) expanding as well. There's a huge demand for silicon as a result, but not nearly enough to keep up with demand. Mitsubishi Electric is one of the top makers of Photovoltaics in the world. Apparently some companies are trying experiments with polycrystaline silicone panels that are getting 15% efficiency, which is somewhat high.The market is supposed to expand to 1 gigawatt by 2008.


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