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Friday, March 24, 2006

not just nameko

recently being seperated from a usuable kitchen, I've been doing a lot of eating out lately.

Yesterday, though, I spun by the convenience store near where I'm living now. I found a block of momen tofu. I can eat this stuff plain, but, sure of there being no myoga or kaiware daikon but unsure of there being any soy sauce back at the apartment, I picked up, what I thought was, a packet of nameko mushrooms.

After pressing as much water out of the tofu as I could, I cracked open the styrofoam package. I must not have read the package well enough because not only did this container have nameko, but it also had a little package of ground daikon, very small bean natto(極小納豆), and a package of tare for the whole thing.

Amazing! I normally don't like ground daikon (it has a smell that I just don't like), but the mixture of nameko and natto with the tofu with a little soy sauce was really very good! The small beans of the natto were an interesting variation.

What always suprises me is that stuff like this is avaliable at a convenience store, and it's just normal food. Not ethnic/health food. I can only dream that the US will be like this some day....


At 2:44 AM, Blogger rowena said...

Although it has been quite 7 months since you posted about the burdock root, I am grateful for having stumbled upon your blog after googling kimpira or kinpira gobo. I have seen these root vegetables at our local market since forever, but never did investigate the culinary uses for them. I will definitely try the recipe for the tofu burger.


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