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Monday, December 06, 2004

Aging Society

There was a great article in today's IHT about aging society's around the world. About the problems we will face. It said that by 2050, people will be living to 100, 150 easy.

Now, with all that ahead of us, who would want to rush into a profession? All of us from the developed world are going to be living so long that, even if it takes until your 50 to become a recognized architect, you still have a very long time before you'll be finished. Even if you have to retire at an early 90, that's still a good 40 years of work. Ezra Vogel was just at a fortune speech we had, and he's still trucking or at least getting by. I don't think I would want anymore than that. Why not keep your youth for trying out other things?


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