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Thursday, December 09, 2004

mired in debt

This is a great article. I am a direct result of wealthy kids majoring in what they wanted to without thinking about the financial consequences. I do think it's important to major in something you're passionate about, but why does that necessarily conflict with a good salary? It doesn't have to. I majored in Japanese, and I'm making pretty good money right now. The best thing is, doing freelance on the side is also pretty good money. The best part is that I LIKE what I do. at least the Japanese part of it. I am mired in debt because of poor planning. My grandparents on both sides seemed to focus almost entirely on jobs with high return. My parents were a reaction to that. They decided to follow work that they could feel morally right about (or at least that's how I see it).

It's funny because I've had roommates who are one generation behind me. They're parents are doctors/lawyers etc, and think it's so 'cool' that my parents took the non-financial personally satisfying road. They can't see the reprecussions. They can't see what that road leads too:me. They're parents paid completely for a Harvard education (to major in film or something else that has potentially very low ability for financial independance) or any of many people I know who paid nothing for a small private liberal arts education. They're parents are paying for there health insurance when, after I graduated from College, had none.

Finding an occupation that is both morally and mentally satisfying, which fills the coffers as well. That would seem to be my goal.


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