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Monday, December 06, 2004

China. Capitalism.

I think it's awful high minded for people in developed countries to think that all people working in factories hate their jobs. This is a perfect example. They work, they're happy. They're not stupid.

If you brought these girls to any other way of life they would probably have major adjustment problems. Many defectors from North Korea who move to the South cannot adjust to life there (the accent is different, they're discriminated against).

These factories pump out fabric to make my T-shirts, and it's because my standard of living in my country demands that t-shirt, they are able to leave the farm and work for a salary instead. They have a stable diet and a steady income. Whether that's an increase in a standard of living is argueable depending on your audience and whether they're post-capitalists or not (the most affluent people in the world)

I really dislike the fact that my standard of living demands the t-shirt for the fabric which is cotton laden with pesticides and fertilizers. I really do. But I think many people see factories in these coutries as being sources of evil when they are not. They are a source of opportunity. Certainly not perfect.

Capitalism is a necessary evil. It tends to excess when it's abused, just like any other system, but at least it employs people.


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